The CV_Project was a mass lab experiment that happened in Scotland, United Kingdom that happened about 10 or so years ago. The experiment was to create the "perfect" being. There was 21 different teams who had to work together to exterminate the other teams. The winning team given the privilege to return to human. The scientists couldn't guarantee that "returning to human" would even work. Once their act was seen though, they slowly started killing off their teams and turning the teams against each other. They started with the B Team, Bradon, Benjamin, Britney, Bo, and Bu. The K team (Kage Utanen, Kendrick Wynd, Ki Ki Otone, Kokoro Utaneko, and Kuro Wynd) started a rebellion, freeing as many people as possible. Kuro Wynd gave his/her life to save others. She died during the rebellion. Kendrick, their older brother lost his mind. He ran away from his team and was later assumed dead. The K team and the R team joined forces, reuniting a group of siblings from England, Ki Ki Otone, RYOKO, and RUKA. Together, these three siblings lead the remaining teams to safety dispersed across the world. Hunter and Tina took their children and returned to their home country, Japan.

Project member's names were preset and were randomly given to the members. The names have no significant meaning to the characters.

Example, Victor, Ryan, and Rachelle Clark, the siblings from England, were randomly given the names, Ki Ki Otone, RYOKO, and RUKA. The have no real meaning.

A few children born during the Project are as following:

Hanako Akumi

Taro Akumi

Sora Hoshiko

Surviving CV_Project Members

K-Squad Aiya Utanen Kage Utanen Kendrick Wynd Ki Ki Otone Kokoro Utakone Kuro Wynd
R-Squad Erica White Rana Sanne Ren Sanne Richard James RYOKO RUKA
S-Squad Andrew Braginski Sai Hoshiko Sei Ichiko Sierra Roberts Sora Hoshiko 2 * Suko Rokune
H-Squad Ivan Anderson Hanako Akumi * Henry Grey Hina Kyuuko HOSHI Hunter Anderson
T-Squad Elliott White Taro Akumi * Tenshi Utaneko Tina Harris TOSHIRO Tun

*The younger members were replacements or older, deceased members. Sora Hoshiko replaced his father, taking his name as well. Hanako Akumi replaced Hachi Nekoko, Taro Akumi replaced TANYA.

Original Names or surviving members.

Aiya Utanen Alicia Wilson
Kage Utanen Kyle James
Kendrick Wynd Wyatt Jones
Ki Ki Otone Victor Clark
Kuro Wynd Kaitlyn Jones
RYOKO Ryan Clark
RUKA Rachelle Clark
Sai Hoshiko Fatima Rivera
Sierra Roberts Hiromu Hayate
Sora Hoshiko Antonio Fernandez
Hunter Anderson Hiroshi Akumi
Tina Harris Sakura Akumi

If their name isn't stated, then their original name is unknown.